Keighley Inter-Faith Group grew out of a Millennium event attended by 1000 people. Following events of September 11th 2001 the first quarterly Meeting for Peace and Reconciliation was held in January 2002. At this meeting Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists read from their scriptures, made prayers and engaged in silent reflection all dedicated to world peace. This event helped to ease tension in the area and began a process of discourse between faith groups. After this the main activity in the early years was a Walk for Friendship from a Mosque to a Church, followed by multi-cultural concert and picnic in Cliffe Castle Park. When the London Bombings occurred on 7th July 2005, we had a Meeting for Peace & Reconciliation already booked; Keighley Shared Church was filled with over 100 Muslims and a similar number from other faiths, where 5 Imams denounced the bombers as un-Islamic, with a response by the Mayor, Christian leaders and a Buddhist. This was a significant event to help reduce tension in the town. More recent Meetings for Peace and Reconciliation have explored what faith groups offer to overcoming problems such as dementia, sharing Christian and Muslim perspectives on Christmas, and a Commonwealth Day meeting at the town hall with Keighley’s Mayor.